Step 1 :    Window frames need to be measured as per the image under the  INSTALL heading

Step 2 :    Check that your window frame size fits into the standard sized kits available eg. 540mm x 570mm = 600mm

                 x 600mm kit.  Any window frames larger required, please proceed to the CONTACT page and send requests                         from there which then include your physical address, and colour of frame required - White / Charcoal / Coffee                       colours are available...  Standard sized kits are mass produced thereby keeping prices lowest, custom made

                 kits are more costly due to time restraints.

Step 3 :    Once you know which sized kits you require, click on STOCKISTS to check if there is a stockist near you, if no

                 stockist in your area, proceed to the CONTACT page and send requests of kits required / colours / and full


Step 4 :    An invoice will be emailed to you, once payment has been received, we despatch within a day, couriers take +/-

​                2 days to deliver to your doorstep

Photography by Alexius van der Westhuizen

Magnetic insect screens

DIY Kits

Easy to install - takes minutes to assemble

No tools required

Suitable for any type or sized window

Wood - PVC - Steel - Aluminium etc

UV Sun protected

SABS ISO9001 Quality Standard of approval

Door screens for standard wooden door frames only